Thursday, October 18, 2007

Carasan and the Glorious Winter Hats

Today, I went in search for a new winter hat before the cold winds descend upon the streets of Manhattan. And they will... you'll see. I came across a design team online that I found intriguing. No, not because they happen to be mother and daughter. That I have seen before. What I found odd is that no one carries their line. So it may be true that fashion buyers are as dumb as we all think they are. Going for the same old stuff, same old season after season, year after year.

Carasan is a breath of fresh air in the regurgitated fashion I see every season in the stores. I thought I was back in Europe finding a great little couture house from better fashion times. Not only did I find and order an incredible hat that is now... as we speak being made for me. Just me. But I got to see a beautifully made collection. The attention to detail and the lines of the garments, well I have only seen some of that kind of work in my vintage collection (that I covet greatly).

After ordering my new winter white wool hat (above right), I did some research on the web. I am not the only one it would appear that is singing Carasan's praises. Anyone with any real sense of true fashion and what it takes to make great couture is finding them. They have a quiet, but strong A-list following and I can see why. I next want one of those “Leah Rings”. (Maybe I will get one for the holidays, that would be very nice… hint, hint.)

But really, if you want a great investment piece let your fingers do the walking to their web shop. At least when I spend my money there I know two things: (1) the piece that I am buying is a real designer original, (2) it will not be recalled due to poor workmanship. Everything that they sell is made in their studio.

What's my next adventure with Carasan? I am going to their showroom about a new purple dress for New Years Eve. I will let you all know how that goes. I hear that Cassandra and her mom Terri are very nice. It should be fabulous!

Take a look yourself: